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A visionary, humanitarian and philanthropist, Guru ji . He has been committed to the vision of creating a happy and helping society through Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan, for the last 2 decades. Millions of his followers got enlightened by following his secret mantra of leading a happy and blissful life. For Vaastu we do the consultations based on the native’s birth chart as per his planetary positions .A special emphasis is laid on a person individually so that the remedies can be offered . The basis of the remedies is based on the problem and solutions are purely practical in terms of nature .

We have a system of carrying out the general vaastu and personalized vaastu as well . You can opt for any of these consultations based upon your needs and issues prevailing in life.If the client has his/her horoscope then it is considered as best and the solutions are personally made by Guru ji and they are 100% effective. As per Guru ji, we can ‘Get whatever we want’ by following his simple and unique path of harnessing the infinite power of cosmic energy

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In today's date, career plays a very important role in the life of every human being, today every person thinks that in which field he should take education and after getting an education, he should do a job or do his own business day and night...

He keeps on spending his time in trouble and keeps trying his best to succeed from place to place, but Astroaayu works day and night for you to guide and guide your life by giving you the right direction.

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Every person has many dreams that their life partner is their step-by-step companion and beautiful and endowed with good qualities, but sometimes they do not get good happiness from their life partner, due to which it becomes very difficult for their marriage to last, but Astroaayu...

makes their suffering life very happy and blissful by understanding their problems and remedies. And those who have to face the situation of delay in marriage, Astroaayu gives them the confidence that they will get a good life partner by telling them the fixed date and giving simple remedies, as well as the horoscope matched by Astroaayu will definitely tell them that what pleasures will a person get from his life partner and which inauspicious situations he will get to see in his life partner so that he can make his life happy by taking the remedy of those ashubh planets and make their life happier last long.

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Worship Lesson

Today man keeps on trying to please different gods and goddesses according to his religion, day and night, but in spite of that, he does not get auspicious results because he does not know that he is which gods and goddesses should comment on so that their works continue to...

be proved and they get success, but through astraayu, you can know that by getting the blessings of which gods and goddesses you will get benefits in life and you will be able to get a simple path of happiness. It also provides you with the right guidance.

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Many times, many difficulties are seen in the life of a human being regarding the birth of children, every human has a dream to have his child on time and be healthy as well as to illuminate his name in the coming time, but some peoples are unlucky in this...

There is a complaint of delay and not being able to give birth to a child, due to which he becomes very disappointed. But looking through the horoscope of males and females, Astroaayu tells that which person has less ability to produce a child and by giving his remedies, assures you that you will definitely get the child. Astroaayu also helps those females who conceived and are in a part of producing the child by giving them the right suggestion and remedies. Astroaayu assures you and works only for you and your upcoming child for making 9 months spent easily. Asytoaayu also takes care of your baby’s health and future.

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Manglik Dosha

In today's time, at the time of marriage, most people are very much suffering and troubled by Manglik Dosh because Manglik Dosh works to spoil the happiness of the spouse in your life, it also creates a situation of delay in marriage but through Astroaayu you can take

the simplest remedy for Manglik Dosh, as well as remove the obstacles in marriage and married life. Astroaayu also clears the questions of persons who want to marry a person who is Manglik and he himself is not Manglik.

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Birth Journal

Through Astroaayu, you can get information about any person about his past, present, and future as well as other information about the birth chart in detail such as what is the birth ascendant of the person...

What is the birth sign, which are the good yogas, and which are the bad yogas in his horoscope, this clear information is told to you by the Astroaayu Acharyas.

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Kundli Dosha

A man keeps making constant efforts in life to make his life simple and worthy, but due to some inauspicious yogas, he is not able to succeed in life, due to which he gets lakhs of difficulties in life. Kundli dosh always makes...

your life is constantly falling, they also work to pull you back, all the negative paths that are inside the human being arise due to this kundli dosh. He is not able to remove him from his life, but Astroaayu works to free you from these negative dosh and works to take your life to a simple and high position. You can eliminate the culprits of the horoscope, but apart from this, you can establish a Raja Yoga in your life by making the best yogs of Kundli.

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For every human being, every festival is a very important and gleeful time according to his religion. Understanding this, Astroaayu gives you the right guidance and tells you what measures or methods you can do at which time and at which festival...

We can make life happy and happiest because this festival time is the only time in which the best yogas arise and if we do any work by understanding those yogas and Muhurt, then we definitely get success in it.

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Name Analysis

Astroaayu helps to correct your name according to your horoscope and planetary positions. It also guides you by giving the starting alphabet of a newborn baby so that in the future his name will be famous and make proud to their parents.