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My journey of learning astrology started 10 years ago and I had a privilege to seek guidance from my Gurudev G.D.Vashisht ji. I am the Director of Aastraayu .I gained expertise in Lal Kitab and also worked under my Gurudev to enlighten the life of people through Lal Kitab .Being with Gurudev I also undertook various research based projects in Lal Kitab,KP astrology,vedic astrology,gemstones and yantras to find out the reason for every planetary position and how it happens .

I worked on the various aspects of holy Lal Kitab and developed a few techniques which can be easily applied in a natal chart to find unforeseen problems and solutions to them for minimizing the loss in anybody’s life. I have also joined hands with the mission of preaching holy Lal Kitab like my Gurudev. I had a privilege to stay with him as an astrologer,astrology software maker and trained thousands of people in my life on Astrology which always resulted in 100% success.

In today’s world everybody is tackling with some or the other issues and my mission is to help the people in leading a good and successful life .I will never want any of my clients to be sad due to any reason when I am there to solve their issues through holy Lal Kitab and vedic astrology as these two tools are the most powerful tools to tackle any kind of difficulties and problems in a person’s life . I have already helped lakhs of people in achieving their goals and finding true happiness in their lives through Holy Lal Kitab and winding up the past life karmic debts as well. I am a firm believer of God and Holy Lal Kitab because we all know that it has the key to open the doors of success for anyone in this world be it anything or anywhere.

You can contact me with my expertise related to the guidance on married life,accumulation of wealth ,health issues,money ,court cases ,family disputes, evil spirits and many more. All the solutions offered will be done with the prime aim of bringing a smile on the native’s face and by adding colors to their life as well.

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We started our journey towards helping mankind 10 years ago . Astroaayu is not only a platform for people to ask for help but also a key to solutions of all the problems under one roof . The team comprises highly skilled and knowledgeable astrologers who are well recognised nationally and internationally.

We highly believe in the strong cultural values and ethos and follow the same at every step to ensure accuracy .

We all believe in the existence of God and we also hold our values to the extent of gaining good karmas and helping out the people who need our help and support so Astroaayu tries its best to reach out to everybody and lend a helping hand to help the person to come out of the web of pending karmas from the past lives.

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Are you facing problems in your Life?

Problems bring suffering in one’s life and make it miserable.A person keeps on thinking about it day and night which leads to health issues.Our stars deeply influence the quality of life that we humans lead and we cannot control anything without any guidance.The placements at the time of birth decide our fate and journey of life.

The positive planets give us positivity as per their nature and negative planets create hurdles in our way but fortunately our ancestors have gifted us the boon of Astrology and we can easily resolve the issues of one’s life . We at Aastroaayu help out those in need by bringing a positive impact in one’s life by suggesting easy remedies in Lal Kitab .Each and every perspective is taken in care of while preparing planetary placements and before suggesting any remedies our team gets in touch with the person who seeks out the help of our qualified and sagacious astrologers.

How Astroaayu Solution Works?

We believe in listening to the problems of our clients and building rapport with them by providing effective solutions and eliminating the root cause of the sufferings.Practicality and knowledge are the two factors kept in mind while preparing the birth chart and outcomes of the future as per stars.

Aastroaayu provides you guidance about the major decisions or changes in life as per the planetary combinations and Nakshatras. We are all stuck in an era full of uncertainties and hopelessness. With nobody to give us the guidance we need, we end up wandering around without any ambitions. But what if we told you there was a way to overcome this? Indulging in astrology is one way to grow spiritually and find the meaning of life. It’s also a therapeutic way to share your concerns and connect with your advisor.

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Your planets can change Your destiny

Astrology plays an important role in every human’s life and it is a gift from our ancestors which lights our paths and brings our lives out of the darkness.Our team believes in helping the people by bringing a smile on their faces . We provide simple and practical solutions for any problem in a person’s life .

Our motto is to reach out to every single being who needs help and want to lead a happy and prosperous life .Our astrologers work meticulously day and night for the clients to bring possible solutions to their problems.

We have made an accessible Enquiry page which can be filed up by anybody and the problems can be mentioned along with the details but you need not worry in case you don’t have it. We can also get to know about ourselves with the help of the details of our children . It is the miracle of Lal Kitab and you will get 100% results from the solutions provided.

Always remember that we are always here to help you please don’t hesitate to reach us out.

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Staff r cooperative n consulting with aachary is very satisfying ,give some moral boost in life



Excellent place for Astrology and remedies. Staff is very cooperative. Guruji advises are unique and full filling the 'Gaps' in life. Must be visited this place for peace of mind, provided you have faith in Astrology.


Business Man

It is always a pleasure to meet, and we trust him completely. We always get fabulous results from his remedies for all our life problems.

Md. Aasim

Doctor, MBBS

Frequently Asked Questions

₹ 3100 Per Kundali

For an online Vastu consultation, you simply need to share your floor plan and Google location. A small video or some pictures of the property are an added advantage. Once we receive that, we can do a Vastu consultation online through video call (Zoom / Whatsapp) or email.

Rest information are already provided on website.
Any queries please call on mentioned numbers.

The Astroaayu predictions can help you to explore the best in life ahead and make your way to success in the professional, personal and financial aspects. Astroaayu can help you to find the best ways to get into the life you have always dreamt of.

Vastu holds an enormous importance in our culture. While we must check the basic Vastu compliance while buying a home/property, we must also understand without vastu human life part will always suffer .